Writing and Engagements

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Terrorist Diversion: A Guide to Prevention and Detection for NGOs
Routledge, 2020. Co-author.

Fighting Fraud and Corruption in the Humanitarian and Global Development Sector
Routledge, 2016. Author. Click here to buy from Amazon or Routledge.


Is your non-profit suffering from regulatory fatigue?
Pro Bono Australia. March 2019. Author. Click here to view.

Financial Crime: The world’s most innovative industry
Deloitte. February 2019. Author/editor. Click here to view.

Australia’s new foreign bribery offence: Prepare now to avoid falling foul of the new laws
Deloitte D.Blog. June 2018. Author. Click here to view.

Eyes on the road or hands off the wheel: Is your non-profit up to speed on Australia’s new anti-bribery legislation?
Pro Bono Australia. May 2018. Author. Click here to view.

Five anti-bribery and corruption questions every NED should ask
NED Insider Edge. December 2017. Author. Click here to view.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption: What’s stopping you?
CFO Insider Edge. August 2017. Author. Click here to view.

It’s time to talk about fraud in aid agencies
The Guardian. August 2016. Author. Click here to view.

Detecting fraud in NFPs shouldn’t be a game of ‘moving statues’
Pro Bono Australia. August 2016. Author. Click here to view.

Improving the detection of corruption incidents in NGOs: Four lessons learned from South Asia
South Asia @ LSE. June 2016. Author. Click here to view.

Arrested Development: Fighting fraud and corruption in international aid
RichardBistrong.com. May 2016. Interview. Click here to view.

Humanitarian need can enable corruption
FCPA Blog, April 2016. Author. Click here to view.

Tackling the F-Word
Charity Finance Magazine, March 2016. Author.

Trust as a fig-leaf of poor compliance and management
RichardBistrong.com and JDSupra.com, February 2016. Author. Click here to view.

Tackling fraud in the charity sector
Fraud Advisory Panel/Charity Commission, February 2016. Contributor. Click here to view.

The resilience to fraud of the charity sector in England and Wales 2015
University of Portsmouth/PKF Littlejohn, October 2015. Contributor of the Foreword.

Cheques and balances
Charity Finance Magazine, November 2014. Roundtable participant.


‘Beyond investigation: Embracing the evolution of counter-fraud’
Launch of the UK Government Counter-Fraud Profession, October 2018. London, UK. Speaker.

‘Fraud and corruption in the humanitarian and global development sector’
CPA Australia Forensic Accounting Group, March 2018. Sydney, Australia. Speaker.

‘Bribery and corruption in Australia and New Zealand in 2017’
ACFE Sydney Chapter Seminar, June 2017. Sydney, Australia. Speaker.

‘The risk to international non-profits of terrorist financing and money laundering’
Deloitte/ACNC Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Seminar, May 2017. Sydney, Australia. Speaker.

‘The future of fraud and corruption in global development’
CIFAS Annual Conference, June 2016. London, UK. Speaker.

‘Reducing fraud in global development’
University of Portsmouth Annual Fraud and Forensic Accounting Conference, June 2016. Portsmouth, UK. Speaker.

‘Taking stock: Reducing fraud and corruption in international charities’
Civil Society UK ‘NGO Insight’ Conference, May 2016. London, UK. Speaker.

Anti money laundering & countering the financing of terrorism: Developing an effective compliance framework in a non-profit organisation
Kenya NGO Co-ordination Board/Kenya Financial Reporting Centre/FSVC Event, March 2016. Nairobi, Kenya. Workshop facilitator.

Anti-corruption strategies in multi-jurisdictional contexts,’ and ‘managing corruption risk in partner relationships
Oxfam/Deloitte ‘INGO Anti-Fraud and Corruption Conference,’ January 2016. Nairobi, Kenya. Speaker.

Bribery and corruption
Charity Commission/Fraud Advisory Panel ‘Charity Fraud Conference’, October 2015. London, UK. Speaker.

Trouble at the border: Developing an anti-fraud and corruption culture across geographic, organisational and cultural borders
ACFE UK Chapter Annual Conference, October 2015. London, UK. Speaker.

‘Tackling fraud and corruption in dynamic environments’
CIPFA Annual Conference, June 2015. London, UK. Speaker.

‘Tackling insider fraud effectively’
Fraud, Error and Debt Conference, February 2015. London, UK. Speaker.

Barriers and bridges: Fraud and corruption issues faced by charities working in war-torn countries’
Fraud Advisory Panel Annual Conference, May 2014. London, UK. Speaker.

‘Generating anti-corruption cultures in international aid organisations’
Oxford University Corruption Seminar, January 2014. Oxford, UK. Speaker.

‘Fraud vulnerabilities in the international aid sector’
Charity Commission Voluntary Sector Fraud Seminar, May 2013. London, UK. Speaker.